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- Below you will find some photos and videos of the SFE General Assembly held on 09 October 2019 at the INHA Auditorium. You can also find other images in your member area.

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- Call for papers Colloque Mariette, Two centuries after Boulogne-sur-Mer, 20-21 may 2021; Jean-Louis Podvin (Coastal Opal Coast University) & Didier Devauchelle (Lille University)

- On the occasion of the 140e anniversary of the birth of Jean-Louis Fougerousse (1879-1953), painter and architect of the Mission Montet between 1931 and 1939, Patrice Le Guilloux, a member of the MFFT, has just dedicated a book ,

- A new history textbook from Egypt at Armand-Colin


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We are pleased to present some photos and videos of our last public session of 9 October 2019 at the INHA Auditorium. The podcasts of the three conferences presented on this occasion are available in your member area.


Brief lecture by Mrs. Aurore Ciavatti, Sorbonne University entitled Octaeteris. Reassessment of the reign of the Old Kingdom

VIDEO Aurore Ciavatti



Lecture by Anne Boud'hors, CNRS, entitled Edfu in the seventh century AD: the contribution of the "papyrus jar"

VIDEO Anne Boud'hors



Lecture by Mr. Julien Siesse, Louvre Museum, entitled Montuhotep-Resseneb, a governor of Elephantine forgotten from the middle of the XIIIth dynasty

VIDEO Julien Siesse


News from Egyptology

- Last year, SFE invited Patrice Le Guilloux to present us an unknown actor of the archaeological site of Pierre Montet in Tanis, the architect Jean-Louis Fougerousse.
On the occasion of the 140e anniversary of the birth of Jean-Louis Fougerousse (1879-1953), painter and architect of the Mission Montet between 1931 and 1939, Patrice Le Guilloux, member of the MFFT, has just dedicated a book, in which he traces his life, insisting on the work done in Tanis in the light of many archival documents and unpublished watercolors, which he has recently found among some of his descendants or in private collections.
Cover Le Guilloux

The book can be ordered in bookstore by indicating the ISBN number 9782322122158. In the meantime, large extracts can be viewed at this address:
A new history textbook from Egypt at Armand-Colin


In the Nile Valley, a complex cultural process emerges, one of the oldest territorial states in the world, led by a sacred kingship and an administration that develops and evolves during the almost 3000 years that separate the 1st Dynasty from the Roman conquest.
Beyond the image of an immobile Pyramids Egypt led by an all-powerful despot, the most recent research, stemming from the analysis of written and iconographic documentation as well as from the latest archaeological discoveries, led on the contrary to painting. a much more nuanced picture. From the central role of the local scale to the power games between the Court's great families, from the food economy to international trade, from the exploitation of the deserts surrounding Egypt to the long-distance expeditions to Sinai, Punt, Sudan or the Near East, it is a constantly evolving kingdom that is depicted here.
Beyond the summary of the chronological framework essential to the understanding of Egyptian history, the book addresses the historical issues of each of its major periods, touching not only history but also society and culture. by also presenting current historiographical debates.
Extracts from the manual
manual extract 2WEB2
Call for papers Colloquium Mariette,
Two centuries later
20-21-May 2021
Jean-Louis Podvin (Coastal Opal Coast University) & Didier Devauchelle (Lille University)
Auguste Mariette was born in Boulogne-sur-Mer the 11 February 1821, a little over a year before Jean-François Champollion rediscovered the operation of the hieroglyphic system. He is passionate about Egypt at the mercy of family accidents and the purchase of a coffin by the city museum, then abandons his position as a professor at the college for a junior job at the Louvre Museum in Paris. Thirty years old, he left for Egypt, charged with a mission of purchase of papyrus that he can not carry out and transforms into excavations: he exhumes the Serapeum of Memphis, placing nasology Egyptology in a dynamic excavations and discoveries that have not stopped.
His temporary return to France does not make him forget Egypt. He returns to it, obtains from the Viceroy the possibility of creating an Antiquities Service: placed at his head as an Egyptian official, he multiplies the sites of excavations and accumulates the discoveries, which he endeavors to publish. To highlight them on the spot, he becomes the director of an ambitious museum in Egypt itself, which must be moved because of the floods of the Nile. At the same time, he is in charge of representation missions, organizes Egyptian pavilions for world exhibitions, visits during the inauguration of the Suez Canal, and participates in editing the Aïda opera. He died prematurely at age 60, worn out by illness and family tragedies as well as by the travels, the innumerable tasks and the worries caused by the administrative and political annoyances. Two centuries after his birth, we wanted to devote a conference to Mariette in his hometown, where he spent the first half of his life and where he then regularly returned to relax during periodic trips to France. This conference is organized jointly by the Coastal Opal Coast University (UR HLLI, EA 4030) and the University of Lille (HALMA, UMR 8164). The main themes are: - Mariette precursor: methods of excavation, public funding method ... - Mariette discoverer: sites (Serapeum) ... - Mariette museographer and popularizer: creation of the Boulak museum, universal exhibitions of 1867, 1878, but also 1862, participation in Aida ... - Mariette protector of antiquities: creation and direction of the Service of Antiquities, establishment of legislation on antiquities ... - Mariette, curious mind: journalist, politician and "Diplomat" ... - Mariette and Boulogne: its origins, its regular returns, the visit of Saïd Pasha, the exhibitions, the relations with the museum, its memory in its city ... - The place of Mariette in egyptology ... - Mariette editor of monuments (Karnak, Dendérah, Abydos ...) - Other themes according to the proposals made to the scientific committee. The focus will be on communications centered on the role of Mariette, on original documents ... In anticipation of funding requests and to allow the review by the scientific committee, thank you for sharing your proposal for the 30 september 2019 with a title, even provisional, a summary of ten lines, your coordinates and a short CV. Contact : This e-mail address is protected against spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., This e-mail address is protected against spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Scientific Committee: Luc Delvaux (Royal Museums of Art and History, Brussels), Didier Devauchelle (University of Lille, UMR 8164 HALMA), Luc Gabolde (UMR 5140 Archeology of Mediterranean Societies, Montpellier), Hélène Guichard (Louvre Museum Department of Egyptian Antiquities), Jean-Louis Podvin (Coastal Opal Coast University, UR HLLI, EA 4030), Ghislaine Widmer (University of Lille, UMR 8164 HALMA). Place of the event: University Center of the Museum, ULCO, 34 Grande Rue, 62200 Boulogne-sur-Mer. Date of the event: 20 and 21 may 2021.